Mask wearing will continue at DentalCare@Nailsea after the 19th July

As announced by Parliament there will be a relaxation of social distancing and mask wearing from the 19th July as the COVID restrictions are lifted but the rules for mask wearing would be different in health and care settings.

Public Health England (PHE) have informed us that, despite the relaxation of restrictions, we are to continue to follow the infection prevention control (IPC) guidance by PHE until further notice.

This means that anyone entering the Practice will still need to wear a face mask unless exempt, maintain social distancing and sanitise their hands.

With an increasing number of patients coming into the Practice, some of whom are clinically vulnerable due to their age and/or underlying health conditions, we must all do everything we can to minimise risk.

As a Practice we support any member of our team who is unwilling to treat a patient who will not conform to our current requirements. For those who do not feel they can cooperate we will defer treatment until the guidelines have been revised.

The use of face masks helps protect those close to the wearer and so potentially reduces transmission of disease. Please help us to continue to protect our staff and our patients by minimising the risk of COVID.

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