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    Patient feedback results January 2016

    Patient feedback results January 2016

    receptionHere at DentalCare@Nailsea we always strive to offer the highest standard of care and treatment to our patients. To help us do this we asked 85 of our patients to take part in a patient feedback survey to help identify any areas for improvement.

    Thank you to all our patients who took part in the survey and gave such a glowing report.

    The following are some of the results we received, If you would like to know more details of our survey then please contact us.

    Likely to recommend us out of a top score of 10:

    • 75 patients gave us a 10
    • 4 patients gave us a 9
    • 5 patients gave an 8
    • 1 patient gave a 7

    5 out of the 10 questions asked in the survey with a score of 1 to 5 and 5 being the highest:

    1. The information available to me covers all I need to know about using the Practice services and looking after my dental health. Results: 75 patients gave a 5; 8 patients gave a 4 and 2 patients gave a 3
    2. I am usually able to book appointments at times that suits me.  Results: 77 patients gave a 5 and 8 patients gave a 4
    3. The reception, treatment room and other parts of the Practice are always clean, comfortable and tidy. Results: 84 patients gave a 5 and 1 patients gave a 4
    4. I have confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the dentists, hygienists and others involved in providing my dental care. Results: 85 patients gave a 5
    5. my opinion is always taken into account when my treatment options are being discussed and agreed. Results: Results: 80 patients gave a 5 and 5 patients gave a 4

    Some of the great comments we received from the survey:

    • I have used this Practice for over 30 years and standards have never slipped
    • I have already recommended this practice to other people.
    • Always feel comfortable and not pressured to have unnecessary treatment
    • Always get good, considerate, informative service at a time to suit me.
    • Every visit is no problem. The dentist and hygienist are always professional, polite and nice
    • I feel welcome and trust my dentist
    • Because I have regular check-ups, my teeth are in great shape and this is because of the advise I get.
    • Dentists are always very good at explaining what is going on I am very nervous.
    • I am always treated with care, courtesy and lots of laughter
    • Excellent service at a reasonable price.
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